Life Skills for everyone, especially for children. By Syed Ejaz Bukhari

Life Skills for everyone, especially for children. By Syed Ejaz Bukhari

Life Skills for Everyone, especially for children

By Syed Ejaz Bukhari

Life Skills, being important, have long been taught to children in the name of life skills for kids and in the name of life skills for students through Life skills books, Life skills activities, Life skills trainings, Life skills quotes, society, Life skills for elders and the like. The sole purpose of teaching these Life Skills was to make people responsible individuals so that they may help the society, develop and practice the workable norms for the society they live in. Unfortunately,  The very Life Skills could not be realized until the title “LIFE SKILLS” was either coined or put into practice, even when they were being passed on from generation to generation in the form of customs, rituals and tradition . People, upon realizing the need and importance of life skills started working on it.  They started coaching these skills through Essays, Trainings and Blogs. Eventually, the interest of people in life skills gave birth to life skill-based education system.  I, being no exception to it opened a school based on this and there I started teaching students the following life skills:

  • Life skill: 1 How to read electricity meter
  • Life skill: 2 How to behave in front of guests
  • Life skill: 3 How to behave in parks
  • Life skill: 4 How to respect and ensure privacy
  • Life skill: 5 How to cross roads
  • Life skill: 6 How to get on bus
  • Life skill: 7 How to behave in hospital
  • Life skill: 8 How to argue
  • Life skill: 9 How to decide and own it
  • Life skill: 10 How to open a Bank Account
  • Life skill: 11 How to manage pocket money
  • Life skill: 12 How to do grocery
  • Life skill: 13 How to ensure sportsmanship in the ground or street
  • Life skill: 14 How to lay table
  • Life skill: 15 How to lay bed
  • Life skill: 16 How to do washing and ironing
  • Life skill: 17 How to manage homework anxiety
  • Life skill: 18 How to manage exam anxiety
  • Life skill: 19 How to avoid absence from school
  • Life skill: 20 How to behave in ceremonies (Birthdays, Marriages, Events)
  • Life skill: 21 How to make weekly/fortnightly/monthly budgets
  • Life skill: 22 How to forgive people
  • Life skill: 23 How to welcome/see off guests
  • Life skill: 24 How to honor and respect queue, lane and signal
  • Life skill: 25 How to behave in the gathering

These Life skills based Education system and every things revolving around this concept is , now, helping people cater the long-awaited requirements of the suffering yet not realizing society.

 Not only this, society has started taking part in the development of these skills as most of the issues linked with children are now being addressed by the children on their own. Many a stake-holders are showing their interest in learning their required life skills, for example, parents are keen on Learning and teaching of Life skills as they have understood that if the skills taught in school are supported by parents, the society, eventually, gets on the track of development.

On a lighter note, I hope that Life Skills will not be confused with “Life Skills A1 English Test for UK Spouse Visa Life Skills A1 English Test for UK Spouse Visa 2019 and Life Skills for B1.”

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