Bearing in mind the phenomenon of “Your Individuality is my Inspiration”, I always strive for practical and feasible solutions based on theories in practice to help people improve their competencies. As a result, their performance becomes my goal. Here in “No Fun; No Learning” is of a great help to motivate and encourage them to enhance the required skills. My comprehensive yet strictly relevant course would help achieve the target set by the stakeholders. I feel that words hurt; words heal. I am dedicated to facilitate people in improving their lives. I take pride in my training and believe that people sometimes limit their own progress by building barriers and self-defeating prophecies and I feel pleasure in assisting them.They help me to help them. I believe in

No fun, No interaction,
No interaction,No Involvement
No involvement,No learning


اپنے کریئر میں میں اس لمحے خوشی محسوس کر رہاہوں کہ دیر آید درست آید۔ یہ ٹریننگ سیشن سابقہ دورمیں کیے گئے ٹریننگ سیشنز سے انتہائی مفید رہا جس میں مجھے یہ رشک ہوا کہ میں اہنے ادارے کے بچوں اور اساتذہ میں تبدیلی کیلے بہت کچھ کر سکتا ہوں۔

Muhammad Ishfaq Ahmed
Senior Headmaster
(Sargodha) , Pakistan


We learnt a lot in training sessions conducted by Sir Ejaz Bukhari. Even our own behaviours instantly and positively changed . We enjoyed learning very much and felt pleasure because the methodologies employed were clear and beneficial to the maximum.

Arshad Hussian , Pakistan

Mr Bilal

My expectations for Syed Ejaz Bukhari's presentation were extremely high and even at that, he exceeded every hope I had when I invited him to speak to our customer care professionals.

Mr Bilal
HR HEC, Pakistan
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Syed Ejaz Bukhari provides the learning services and professional development solutions to professionals and organizations to enable them to survive in the highly competitive world. His training programs, whether designed for a global organization or an individual professional, help stake holders/employers close skills gaps and foster an environment of continuous talent development. Moreover, he ensures to foster knowledge and skills needed to enhance performance and to achieve organizational goals.

His clients include both local and global leading business and service sector organization, which aim to focus on improvements in human capital.

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Life Coaching

Syed Ejaz Bukhari as a Life Coach gives you direct and friendly motivation to review your aims, challenge your negative beliefs and acheive fulfillment in all areas.

He also provides checklists, case studies and all the practical resourses you need to get where you want to be professionally, personally, physically and financially.

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Syed Ejaz Bukhari possesses rich background in conducting and arranging talks, seminars and workshops on parenting ,couple counseling & relationship issues at personal and professional level.

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