Best Audience: All, those who are ready, those who are not ready, those who are familiar, those who are unfamiliar

A meaningfull and successful journey from negative approach towards life to positive approach towards life requires Motivation. We all get demotivated. We all need Motivation, even Motivational speakers need Motivation as Motivation is the basic diet to live healthy life.They promote the concept of healthy society through Motivation.

Fortunately, we all have Motivational Speakers in our lives. They range from immediate relatives to distant friends and teachers.We approach them when we are in trouble. They listen to us, they console us, they give us their shoulder to cry on and the like.

Wen it comes to professional Motivational speakers, thay contribute,facilitate and INSPIRE.

They believe in playing their roles for the betterment of the society. They share practical solutions through day to day examples of life. They believe in promotion of peace through peacful actions. They help activate the ones who have long been deactivated. They help you esure quality attention from You for YOU.They link You with YOU.They do it for themselves but it works for you too.They create interest in You for YOU. They have the most powerful drug of 'taking interest in YOU for YOU' with no side effects.

If you are interested in knowing how to take interest in YOU fo YOU,read Syed Ejaz Bukhar's articles and qoutes and subscribe his youtube channel.You may contact him through email,skype,whatsapp,facebook,twitter,linkdin and instagram.

Syed Ejaz Bukhari, based on his experience of interacting with more than 400,000 traines(from all walks of life) helps you help te world around. He understands the nature of challenges and equips his clients with the most appropriate tools to achieve required results. He intimately understands the power of interest to engage YOU with YOU for YOU.

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Attention is everything in Sales (For Sales Managers)

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Best Audience: Corporate events, Associations, Annual Conferences and Sales Meetings

The sales environment has changed –A leader must collaborate across departments to make that sale. Sales is truly a team sport. In line with the emergence of the uberinformed customer, the sales role has evolved –as a leader you need to develop trusted advisors, not order takers.

Meanwhile with attention spans shortening and competition increasing, making your message stick is a massive challenge. You must upskill your team with the tools necessary to persuade.

Finally, In this changing and tougher sales environment leaders have to work harder to recruit and retain top sales personnel.

But amidst all the changes, one thing remains the same –any successful sales campaign has to be based on one key buildingblock – delivering quality attention to customers and your sales team. Attention guarantees customer and employee engagement.

Syed Ejaz Bukhari has sold cross cultures and across industries – he understands the power of Attention to engage customers and collaborate within a team and ultimately sell more


Adopting Syed Ejaz Bukhari ideas will empower attendees to develop an inclusive winning story and have the inspiration and perseverance to drive the team to sales success.


Learn why Sales is now a team sport and why you should recruit on attitude, not aptitude. Learn why leaders must “mind the gap” - the integrity gap to truly motivate their team. Learn to benchmark off best practice in World Class Sales Organisation. Learn how to truly pay attention and how a sales person’s script should be dictated by what they see not by what you have prepared. Learn the one secret to breaking sales records across industries. Learn how sales people can convert customers into advocates. Learn how to develop a compelling narrative with your team using our HERO framework Learn how one leader used creating a compelling inclusive vision to drive internal customer engagement and create a $1 billion business.