A joureny from a life to THE LIFE starts here

Our moments are our identity and I can help you identify those moments so that you may start living them as they may have long been awaiting for you from you. Once you start living them ; you understand and realize how present works as PRESENT.

Online/ In Person Coaching

This is not a wish. It is a need. The earlier we realize ; the better it is.I believe that the one who repents after realization does not realize actually. I can help you live living. So what is stopping you now!!!

YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel is to provide you with the perspetive you require to deal with your day to day situations confidently. You may share the topics to be talked about and we will make a video for you.

Coaching Events

We arrange weekly, fortnightly and monthly events at our place. This is all about contribution towards the community we belong to. Most often,  people and their organization ask us to organize at their places too.

AOA, I am a life Coach

I am a Life Coach & Motivational Speaker. I have Coached more than 4,00,000 people throughout the world.  Individuality inspires me and i work through it.  I help people reconnect as I believe that the very connection between ‘You & You ‘ is missing. My Book “Meet YOU in Y0u” is all about this. I video tape my Talks on Life Linked day to day situations and upload them on YouTube Channel so that those who are disconnected due to misconception or misunderstanding get connected and start living living.

I welcome you all, here or there at your service
Look, Realization that causes peace is the only realization that puts on a self-recovery track. I help you realize to mend your ways without getting hurt.

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+92 333 4541 573

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Why WE

We work with you through you for you. You observe and experience a change in you through the process involved.

Though our prices are not that high yet we discuss the affordability and negotiate if required.

we are different. we require different ways to deal with differences Our sessions are based on "Your Individuality is our inspiration".

PACE is what matters the most and we take very good care of it. Here ' at your pace' refers to your comfort.

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